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Galley Restaurant Menu

Paul and Vossie together are a great team that keep your tastebubs coming back for more. 

Paul & Vossie, Restaurant Managers

TSC Galley Restaurant

The social hub of the Sports Club, the restaurant serves a variety of sumptuous meals in a comfortable environment.  Food is a way of life, a way of expression, a way of sharing!

For Meat Lovers

Traditional beef and pork dishes with succulent seasonal vegetables to tantalise your taste buds.

Veggie Friendly

The Galley's healthy and delicious meat-free alternatives that aren't just pasta and salad.

Seafood Options

Come and enjoy our chef's fresh contemporary take on traditional seafood dishes.

Best Quality

We believe in freshness, local sustainable produce, good quality well prepared food and great service.

Sustainable Sources

Sustainable food isn’t only about the food itself. It’s a combination of factors including how the food is produced, how it’s distributed and how it’s consumed.

We heartily endorse the goals and practices for sustainable farming and where possible source our produce from sustainable farmers.

Local Produce

We believe in sourcing fresh produce directly from farmers and trusted suppliers, ensuring the origin of the ingredients as well as the integrity with which they are produced.

We strive to adhere to sustainable seafood practices where possible and all of our meat, dairy and fresh produce is from ethical and sustainable sources.

Theewater Sports Club

Old Caledon Road, Villiersdorp
Office: 028 840 1334
Duty Manager: 060 884 6497

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