Available Permanent Sites

Permanent sites become available from time to time.

 The available site/s (below) will be offered at a Site Allocation Meeting at the clubhouse, scheduled for: 



Available Sites:  29, 47, 61, 72, 74, 94, 98, L1, M1, MV10, S2

This Site Allocation Meeting take place in accordance with TSC By-Law 14: 'ALLOCATION OF PERMANENT SITES' 

Members are encouraged to appoint a proxy, (a fellow member, may not be a staff member) if unable to attend the meeting


TSC office usually post a list of available sites on this page and send via mass mail to members - This is not a Constitutional nor By-Law requirement.

It is important to remember, that these sites may not be the only sites offered at the Site Allocation Meeting, as additional sites become available after the official NOTICE has been sent to members. 'New' sites also become available at the meeting itself after site transfers.

Please do not rely on the listed sites sent to you 14 days prior to the Site Allocation Meeting. It is in your best interest to attend the Site Allocation Meeting.

Please view the Permanent Site Stays, Plaat Lessees Stays and the current Permanent Site Transfer Lists.

New permanent site lessees need to sign a Permanent Site Lease Agreement - this lease agreement may be found on the TSC Documents section.

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